Churchill War Rooms

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    Venue Information:
    Churchill War Rooms, Clive Steps, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AQ

    Nearest Train Stations
    Charing Cross (10-minute walk)
    Victoria (15-minute walk)
    Waterloo (20-minute walk)

    Nearest Underground: Westminster or St James's Park
    Bus Routes: 3, 11, 12, 24, 53, 87, 88, 109, 148, 159, 184, 211, 453

    Please Note:

    • All children must be accompanied by an adult

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  • Description
    Churchill War Rooms
    Visit Churchill War Rooms to discover the original Cabinet War Rooms, the wartime bunker that sheltered Churchill and his government during the Blitz. Explore the historic rooms and hear about the secret history, military strategies and secrets that were discussed in these underground tunnels. Find out more about the life and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill in the interactive Churchill Museum which is the first major museum in the world solely dedicated to this former Prime Minister. It uses fascinating multimedia displays and cutting-edge technology to explore Churchill's world -from devoted letters he wrote to his wife, to photo and film clips of his early life. Hear extracts from Churchill's rousing wartime speeches as you stand on the squares to activate Churchill's voice delivering now-familiar phrases such as 'Blood, toil, tears and sweat' and 'We shall fight them on the beaches'.

    The Cabinet War Rooms

    Deep beneath the bustle of London lie the original Cabinet War Rooms - today part of the Churchill War Rooms - which sheltered the people at the heart of Britain's wartime government during the Blitz. Today you can immerse yourself in this fascinating piece of living history by discovering the underground maze of historic rooms that once buzzed with round-the-clock planning and plotting, strategies and secrets.

    The Churchill Museum
    Uncover the man behind the image at the Churchill Museum, housed within the Churchill War Rooms. It is the first major museum in the world solely dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill, using cutting-edge technology and multimedia displays to bring his story to life.

    Undercover: Life in Churchill's Bunker
    Find out what it was really like in the Cabinet War Rooms during the war. Hear about the conditions underground, the camaraderie, the secrecy, the fear of attack, and the experience of working in close proximity to Churchill.
  • Highlights
    • Entrance to the Churchill War Rooms
    • Free audioguides available in eight different languages
  • Schedule
    • 9:30am - 6:00pm (last admission at 5:00pm)
    • 24/25/26 December