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Jack The Ripper Walking Tour Dates and Times

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Jack the Ripper Murders

The story of the Whitechapel murders is one of the great unsolved mysteries in the world. It is also one of the most fascinating and blood thirsty tales you will ever hear. It happened here in London in the year 1888. In the early hours of 31st August 1888 a man is walking to work down a dark lane in Whitechapel, he sees a shapeless bundle lying on the ground near some gates, curious he goes over to investigate. His gruesome discovery of a murdered East End prostitute then started one of the most famous man hunts in the world. Ripperologists and amateur sleuths to this day are still trying to work out the identity of a man they called Jack the Ripper. Can you solve the riddle on this spooky Whitechapel Walk? Come along the trail of Jack the Ripper… if you dare!

This tour will finish at approximately 90 mins after the start time near Liverpool Street Station.


Daily at 3:30pm and 6:00pm.

Departure Point and Directions:

3:30pm tour: Golden Tours Bus Stop 9 - Tower of London, Tower Hill, opposite Tower Hill Station. 6pm tour: Exit Tower Hill Underground Station, and wait at the Tower Hill Tram, ice cream refreshments stand next to the station exit.

Return Location:

Near Liverpool Street Underground Station.

Please note:

Under 16s are able to attend this tour at their parent/guardian's discretion.


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Spooky Walking Tour .
Find out the stories behind the Whitechapel Murders, which are still one of the greatest unsolved murder mysteries..


Guided walking tour
Professional guide


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